Starting A Law Firm, Lawyers Should Get Used To Surprises

By Nethani Palmani | Apr 06, 2017 03:46 PM EDT

Starting a law firm may give the power to change lives and mind, which makes it an adventurous journey for lawyers. However, there are some things that may come out additionally surprising for those wanting to start a law firm.

The first surprise comes in through the fear of future uncertainties, according to My Shingle. After starting a law firm, there will always be a fret that the business might dry up one day or lose its law license, or even suffer the risk of taking on a client with an unpopular cause. But what matters more is the love for the cause.

The next surprise of starting a law firm comes in while dealing with other lawyers who could be going through documents or working on bar committees, or even filing a brief that's gone through eight levels of review. This includes the crazy clients who call, the judge to be persuaded, the family that helped through a tough time, and the colleagues and friends who are captivated by experience and enthusiasm.

Common experience also makes a huge difference in starting a law firm. If the lawyers worked at a big firm before starting a law firm, they would probably look down at the solo civil litigator who they now turn to for mentorship and advice. Practitioners, regardless of age or gender or race, will now be regarded as colleagues and even friends.

The reality is that no matter how long lawyers have been around in the practice, the numerous tasks being handled will still leave the lawyers in awe of what they can really do. After starting a law firm, the bulk of clients will come from referrals and contacts rather than search engine optimization, according to Business Insider.

Serving the clients on a routine basis may feel like a job rather than a privilege as it did at the beginning of starting a law firm. However, every so often, lawyers would need to take a breath and reflect on what they did in a day's work.

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