Syria's Chemical Gas Attack, Trump Blames Obama

By Nethani Palmani | Apr 05, 2017 01:35 PM EDT

The United Nations Security Council has scheduled an emergency meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss Syria's chemical gas attack in Idlib. The attack, which occurred in a rebel-held area of the province, has killed at least 58 people, including 11 children and hundreds more injured.

Syria's chemical gas attack is clearly considered war crime as chemical weapons use is banned under the Geneva Conventions. The meeting was urgently called by France and Britain due to the international condemnation following the attack.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump condemned Syria's chemical gas attack, stating on Twitter that it was "reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world." He then blamed former President Barack Obama and Obama Administration, explaining that Bashar al-Assad regime is a consequence of the administration's weakness and irresolution.

Trump cited Obama's failure to attack Syria in August 2013 when Assad used chemical weapons on his people. At that time, Obama lacked votes in Congress to strike the regime without congressional approval, and eventually agreed to destroy Assad's chemical weapons stock through a Russian plan.

According to BBC, Russia and Syria blame Syria's chemical gas attack on Syrian airstrikes that hit a rebel munitions store which Russia's defense ministry regards as "a workshop for the production of land mines filled with poisonous substances." Apparently, Syria has been striking them with chlorine gas and some other chemical weapons for several weeks now.

A member of the Syrian opposition, Basma Kodmani, suggested the Syria's chemical gas attack was a direct resultant of U.S. decision to relax pressure on Assad. Anyways, Syria's chemical gas attack has dramatically underlined another hole in the Trump administration's approach - an immense failure to identify the degree to which Assad's brutality would end up in higher extremism. As of now, no indication has been released as to what Trump plans to do about Syria and its brutal leader.

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