Car Window Tints Allow Drivers To Break The Law Easily, UAE Experts Say

By Nethani Palmani | Apr 03, 2017 03:54 PM EDT

Lawmakers in Abu Dhabi have decided to increase the legal level of car window tints to 50 from 30 percent. Road safety experts say the decision will allow drivers in Abu Dhabi to break the law without being seen.

"Heavy tints allow drivers to effectively to break the law easily," Robert Hodges, a driver education expert said, according to The National. With heavy car window tints allows, police will not be able to see if drivers are wearing a seat belt, using their mobile phone in impunity or if children are strapped in safely.

A car accessories and upholstery store employee in Al Nahyan Camp said the store is used to handling about 10 cars a day, but the number is likely expected to double by June due to the increased legal level of car window tints. With regard to that, car accessory and tinting shops disobeying the law should be strictly prosecuted with imprisonment, fine or even forced closure of the business, according to Gulf News.

Meanwhile, a U.S. transport expert Glenn Havinoviski, suggested tighter licensing and shop inspections, accompanying vehicle inspection rules for car owners. "It will take a while for vehicles that have a heavier tint to be retrofitted with higher numerical or lesser tint. As such, it may be appropriate to allow a 30-day period for vehicles to be retrofitted before charging the full fine. During that period a warning could be issued to the driver if they are in violation," he said.

Amer Amer, a food sales manager in Abu Dhabi, thinks the law allowing 50 percent car window tints are completely acceptable but car owners should not tint their front windshields. He said that he often sees car window tints including the windshield, which becomes dangerous as the drivers are unable to see the road clearly in the night.

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