Law School Finally Put On Probation By ABA

By Nethani Palmani | Mar 29, 2017 09:28 AM EDT

From horrendous bar passage rates to depressing employment statistics, Arizona Summit Law School have documented numerous controversies in the past few years. The school has now entered into a questionable affiliation with Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black college.

The American Bar Association (ABA) finally decided to step in and take action to discipline the law school for the sake of its current and future students. After finding the school to be out of compliance with standards of requirement to maintain its accreditation, the ABA has notified on Monday that Arizona Summit Law School is being placed on probation.

According to Above The Law, part of the excerpt from the ABA's public memorandum to the school says, "The council determined that the law school's admissions practices, academic program (including its academic standards and academic support) and outcomes (graduation and bar passage) have resulted in the law school now being in a position where only immediate and substantial action can bring sufficient change to put the law school on a realistic path back to being in compliance within the time allowed by the Standards and Rules of Procedure."

Barry Currier, the ABA's managing director of accreditation and legal education, who sent the memorandum notes that the law school must attend additional hearings before the This is to consider whether additional remedial actions must be taken or additional sanctions must be leveled up for the law school. And that certainly includes stripping Arizona Summit of its accreditation, according to ABA Journal.

ABA has yet to provide any indication that it is thinking of beginning proceedings whose outcome could be probation. For the sake of the students who are currently attending the law school and those who might in the future, hopefully Arizona Summit would work hard to right its wrongs before it winds up in a difficult situation.

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