Business Case For Diversity, An Interview With Women Leaders Forum Co-Founder

By Nethani Palmani | Mar 27, 2017 04:04 PM EDT

Kim Stuart spoke about "360-degree case for diversity" that focused on the productivity of women that ultimately fosters a positive culture and profitability - which is the strength on all levels for firms. (Photo : David Silverman / Getty Images)

Consulting firms Key Group and The Ackert Advisory, alongside tax advisory firm KPMG LLP, hosted the Women Leaders Forum (WLF) in Washington, D.C. early last week. On Wednesday, Renwei Chung from Above the Law had the opportunity to catch up with Kim Stuart, founder of Key Group and co-founder of the Women Leaders Forum for an interview on diversity in workplace.

In the interview, Stuart revealed her passion for supporting women and helping other women advance into leadership and management roles within their firms, according to The Ackert Advisory. "I want to see those small percentages of women in leadership roles increase substantially in my lifetime," she said.

She also noted that despite seeing significant changes with regard to diversity and inclusion among many firms, many initiatives remain ineffective. Firms need to be engaged at all levels, at all capacities, and that includes new ways to cultivate talent and leading with purpose, Stuart said.

Stuart's view on the compelling business case for diversity is indeed supported by studies done on the issue of diversity. Many of these findings show companies and firms with women in leadership roles such as in management, C-Suite, and boards - are more productive, financially sound, and are more effective in retaining talent within the organization.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the Women Leaders Forum stayed true to the theme of authenticity and ways to leverage women's talent for growth and leadership, according to Above The Law. Additionally, panelist reiterated personal power, frameworks to drive innovation, business development technology and tools, cultivating leadership, the science of decreasing stress, and navigating and addressing unconscious bias, amongst other areas of discussion.

Stuart ended the interview by encouraging everyone to play a part in fostering diversity in the workplace. "We all have an opportunity and a responsibility to ourselves, to our companies and firms, and to our community," she said.

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