Liberal Activists Threaten Senate Democrats to Intensify Resistance to Gorsuch Nomination

By Menahem Zen | Mar 09, 2017 11:06 AM EST

Liberal activists are angry at Democrat Senators who show little opposition against Judge Neil Gorsuch for his nomination as the Supreme Court Justice. They even threatened the Democrats to escalate the resistance against Judge Gorsuch nomination.

The activists has increasingly upset with the little opposition against Judge Gorsuch from the Democrats, moreover some of the Democrat Senators have even supported his nomination. The liberal activists threatened to run primary challengers against Senate Democrats who supported Judge Neil Gorsuch, as reported by Washington Times.

Naral Pro-Choice, the organizers of 11 liberal groups sent letters to warn Senate Democrats to increase the pressure to defy Gorsuch, according to New York Times. Naral Pro-Choice president Ilyse Hogue urged the Democrats to steps up the resistance against Judge Gorsuch.

In respond to the request, liberal Democrat senators have lined up with the activists to oppose Gorsuch. Some of them are Sen. Patty Murray from Washington and Sen. Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut. They are looking for the flaw in Judge Gorsuch reputation that can be used against his nomination.

Senator Murray said that Judge Gorsuch holds an anti worker view. She worried that Gorsuch will undermine worker protection when he becomes he Supreme Court Justice.

“I’m very concerned that should he end up on the court, he would side with conservative justices in continuing to undermine worker protections, safety and ability to organize,” Senator Murray said. She pointed out two of Judge Gorsuch's rulings against worker in the female employee discrimination case and truck driver's health issue.

However, there are many Senate Democrats who respect Gorsuch's naturalist interpretation for the U.S. Constitution and his views on difference of opinion. In the currently divided America, they consider Judge Gorsuch to be the most relevant nominees for replacing the late Antonin Scalia as Supreme Court Justices.

Watch the liberal protesters against Neil Gorsuch being picked on by Fox News political correspondent Tucker Carlson below:

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