IBM Quantum Computing is Now Available for Industry Partners; Computing Breakthrough is Expected

By Menahem Zen | Mar 08, 2017 07:13 AM EST

IBM has long been well known with its computing research labs that has generated many patents for the company. Last Monday, IBM moved its Quantum labs to production team, and prepare to unleash the new frontier of computing technology to the world.

In its official press release on Monday, March 6, IBM announced the company’s roadmap for commercial usage of its quantum computing technology. The quantum computing technology is now available for its business partner to access through its IBM Cloud Platform.

IBM also established a new division called Quantum division to manage the quantum computing business. The company will work on the usage of the quantum computing tecnology with selective partners as reported by CNET.

The Quantum division will be supervised by IBM Chief Technology Officer and Vice President Technical Strategy and Transformation Scott Crowder. He will start to select partners for implementing the quantum computing technology,

"We will be providing access to quantum systems for selected industry partners starting this year," Crowder said. The quantum computing has opened the door for many possibilities in the industry using its ability to manage the particle in the atomic level.

Quantum computing uses different new approach in the computer science. Rather than using the mathematical principle like current computing technology, the quantum computing uses and implements quantum physics principle. Simply put, quantum computing gives more attention to manipulate atom and sub particles.

With the quantum computing, there are endless possibilities available. There are many scientific breakthroughs that will be available with quantum computing, because the technology allow people to look into the sub atomic level of how things work. Thus, eliminating the trial and error in the scientific research.

IBM is not the only big companies that interested in the quantum computing field. Intel, Microsoft and Google have also started their research in quantum computing.

Watch the introduction to the IBM Quantum Lab by the head of IBM Research experimental quantum computing team Jerry Chow below:

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