Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Was An Acclaimed Conservative Student Journalist in His Liberal Campus

By Menahem Zen | Mar 08, 2017 05:15 AM EST

When Neil Gorsuch studied in Columbia University, he was also a student journalist with highly acclaimed reputation to voice his conservatism views. However, he was known to respect opinion that differ from him.

In Columbia University during the 1980’s, most of the student’s opinions are anti-Reagan and opposing his policy. However, in the midst of that, Gorsuch made his mark as the champion for intellectual diversity and open debate, Associated Press reported.

There were not many people who dare to show their support for the conservative in the liberal campus of Columbia University, but Gorsuch did that. During his study in Manhattan campus, he was the journalist for student newspaper Columbia Daily Spectator. In his sophomore year, he co-founded another newspaper, an opinion-oriented student newspaper called

Gorsuch wrote many controversial issue in his days as college journalist. One of them is the Iran-Contra issue, when U.S. government used the money from secret arm dealing with Iran to fund the Contra rebel against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. He called foreigh policy of president Reagan to be indecisive.

His views and consistency made continue in his judicial career. Gorsuch is the judge who hold firm to the originalism and textualism principe in interpreting the U.S. Constitution, This made him the most suitable candidate for Supreme Court Justice, according to CNN.

In the sharply divided America, a judge with strong credential for the United States Constitution is the one most needed to bring America back together again. Judge Gorsuch is known to have such reputation since his college days.

He will be the most conservative judge in the Supreme Court, but he has the utmost respect for difference in opinion. A former editor in The Columbia Federalist who is now a lawyer in New York M. Adel Aslani-Far in New York commended him, “At his core was that things should be thought through and presented and argued, not in a confrontational sense, but in the lawyer-judge sense."

Watch the record of Judge Gorsuch from CBS News below:

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