Britain Post-Brexit Is As Puzzling As the Abortion Issue

By Menahem Zen | Mar 07, 2017 05:19 AM EST

Britain post-Brexit is as unsettling as the abortion issue. Although there are many arguments about right or wrong of the practice, but a regulation needs to be in place too.

The analogy about Britain post-Brexit and abortion was discussed in Mail Online. As the legal process to officially separate the United Kingdom from European Union draws near, the need for regulations in all aspects is needed. One of the issue is the education, which according to the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond will be addressed by introducing the new ‘T-level’ technical qualifications system in equivalent with A-levels. The chancellor has allocated budget of £500 million ($612 million) a year to keep Britain stay competitive after completely separated from EU.

However, the European Union has not been fully committed to be separated from the UK. According to Chancellor Hammond, the EU will force United Kingdom to join some EU programs, Daily Express reported.

“We may choose to participate in some programmes and some areas of activities with our European neighbours,” Chancellor Hammond said. He added EU hinted the UK to make payment to Brussels before separation, “If we do so, we’d expect to make a proper contribution.” 

The British parliament has found the evidence that UK has no obligation to make payment to EU if the exit deal is not reached. The House of Lords unveiled that Brussels bureaucrats requested an astounding £50 billion ($61.2 billion) separation fee to be paid.

However, Chancellor Hammond realized that the money issue is the negotiation tactic deployed by Brussels to stall the Brexit process. However, the United Kingdom has fulfilled its complete obligations to the European Union without outstanding obligations, therefore there is no issue to revoke the separation.

Watch Bloomberg interview with Chancellor Hammond regarding the Brexit negotiation, financial services and outlook post-Brexit below:

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