Yahoo Cautions Users On Potential Malicious Activity On Accounts Anew

By Staff Writer | Feb 16, 2017 02:09 PM EST

Yahoo is facing a challenge again in what seems to be an interminable issue on its security as it now gives yet another warning on its users about a potentially malicious activity on their accounts. This came after two months when the company revealed that its data from more than one billion user accounts were compromised in 2013.

The Guardian has reported that Yahoo has cautioned its consumers of a possible malicious activity on their accounts between 2015 and 2016. It added that the firm's number of affected accounts has doubled the number that was implicated during the 2014 breach. This breach was announced by the tech company in September and threw the blame at state-sponsored hackers.

Meanwhile, the beleaguered tech firm still believes that the latest "cookie-forging" activity is associated to the same state-sponsored hackers. At the time of this writing, Yahoo has not named the state that is involved. On the other hand, security experts have linked Russia and China as the usual culprits in these attacks while some circles have queried the veracity of Yahoo's claim, indicating that its blame is a little misplaced.

Moreover, a Yahoo investigation has revealed that the recent breaching is under the use of forged cookies. As such, this can be used to access its users' accounts without keying in their passwords again. Yahoo has yet to comment in terms of the number of users or accounts that were affected. And as the investigation continues, the firm has sent notifications to almost all the affected users.

In related news, Verizon is now close to a renegotiated deal with the embattled tech firm's internet properties. This new deal reduces the initial price of $4.8 billion agreement by $250 million. The deal came along after the revelations of the company's ordeal on security breaches, as shared by TechCrunch.

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