Anti-Muslim Hate Groups In The US Almost Tripled To 100 Since 2016, Report Says

By Staff Writer | Feb 15, 2017 11:25 PM EST

An alarming number of anti-Muslim hate groups have now tripled in the U.S. since last year. And this still came after President Donald J. Trump's hateful rhetoric, a new report has indicated.

Cited by The Guardian, a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center has revealed that the number of organized anti-Muslim hate groups in the U.S. have gone tripling since 2016 from 34 to more than 100. The report from the center has credited Donald Trump's presidential campaign's "incendiary rhetoric" and the anger over terroristic attacks such as the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando last June.

The report has also added that the number of anti-Muslim hate groups has risen from 892 to 917, marking its second largest number of hate groups recorded since the firm started collecting data since 1990. The largest number that was recorded was 2011 with 1,018.

According to the center, the recent uptick can also be attributed to Trump's picks for his team. These include his several senior advisers Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, Breitbart News and Kellyanne Conway who are branded as "serious anti-Muslim ideologues. Meanwhile, the lead author of the annual hate group report Mark Potok has shared, "It's hardly like the departure of Michael Flynn is going to mitigate the really serious onslaught directed at American Muslims." Flynn has recently resigned last Monday as Trump's national security adviser, as cited by USA TODAY.

On the other hand, the new report has also shared that there are more than 900 active hate groups across the U.S., tallying an uptick of less than 3 percent since 2015. These groups range from Ku Kulx Klan chapter to neo-Nazi associations and racist black separatist organizations.

During Trump's presidential campaign, he likened Mexican immigrants as rapists and also retweeted social media posts from white supremacists. At one point, Trump has also shared one inaccurate post saying that black Americans were accountable for the 80 percent of white Americans' murder cases, the report has noted.

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