10 Facts You Don't Know About North Korea

By Arnab Banerjee | Feb 13, 2017 10:24 AM EST

North Korea is one of the most secret and unpredictable countries in the world. The country is situated in the east of Asia and it is run by the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un. The country has many differences than the many western countries in the world. here are the top 10 things that you don't know about North Korea.

Public Executions

According to a South Korean Report, between the year of 200 and 2014, there are about 1350 North Korean Citizens were executed in public. Which can be surely considered as a huge amount. In most of the cases, the so-called crime was really minor like watching South Korean or Hollywood movies.

Three Generations of Punishment

In North Korea, if you have offended a crime then you are not the only one who will get punishment in the labor camps of North Korea. You will be sentenced with three generations of punishment. That means your children and grandchildren will suffer in the labor camps for absolutely no reasons.

Nuclear Power

The reason why many people are concerned about the North Korea is its Nuclear Weapons. North Korea has the Nuclear Power to cause a huge mass destruction.

Slave Labor

It is estimated that there are over 70,000 North Korean people are working in 40 different countries. The estimated salary of this workers is about $800 per month but this money is paid directly to the government. The workers get hardly 10% of their deserved salary from North Korean Government.

Cyber Warfare

When it comes to cyber warfare, North Korea has the considerable amount of force as well. There are about 6000 troops are working on the cyber cell and this power has the capability to compete with the US.
The hackers are generally well trained from Russia and China.

Bio Weapons

According to a South Korean report, it can be said North Korea is all ready to launch a biochemical attack on South Korea or the United States. It is estimated that the North Korean biological weapon has the power to kill 50 million citizens.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the darkest sides of North Korea. Women are most sufferers of North Korena human trafficking system. There are thousands of North Korean women are trafficked to China and forced into prostitution.

Human Experimentations

North Korean prison camps are known for human experimentation. Scientists have performed their experiments of bio weapons on the people who are captivated inside the prison camps in North Korea.

Concentration Camps

When it comes to the Concentration Camps, North Korea poses one of the toughest concentration camps in the world. There are about 120,000 people are held in the concentration camps of North Korea. The prisoners are regularly subjected to beating and sexual harassment.


It may shock you as a reader but North Korea is reported for cannibalism. In 2013, it was reported that a North Korean man killed his two children for meat but later he was executed by the firing squad of North Korea.

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