7 Best Divorce Lawyers in Queens, New York

By Cresswell McCoy | Jan 18, 2017 11:24 PM EST

Getting a divorce is a tough decision and choosing the right lawyer is not as easy as it seems, a divorce lawyer needs to be excellent in his work. Moreover, the lawyer needs to have a high experience level to ensure a smooth case. Divorce Lawyers in Queens, New York have earned their reputation by handling multiple cases successfully. These are the top 7 best Divorce Lawyers in Queens, New York.

Jerome Wisselman: Jerome has been in the family law firm since 1976, well known as Wisselman & Associates he is well respected and skilled in Divorce and Separation, Child Custody and Child Support.

Bruce Provda: This lawyer has an experience of 43 years, his practice areas are Domestic Violence, Child Custody, Divorce and many more. He is considered as one of the best for decisions relating to children, martial assets and future earnings.

Catherine Co: This is a full service general practice law firm specialized in Divorce, Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense. Catherine Co has been selected to super lawyers for 3 straight years in 2014, 15 and 16 as per AVVO.

Spodek Law Group: The firm has been in the field since 1976, they represented thousands of clients across New York. Being experts in the field of criminal and family law matters they are also reliable and knowledgeable as per Yelp.

Lisa Gardner: Lisa focuses on all aspects related to divorce including property division, child custody, child support etc. Her successful cases have proved her to be one of the best in Queens, New York.

Avi Cohen: Cohen has practiced law for nearly a decade he has built trust and quality for clients over the past years. Hi is also an expert in Divorce, Car Accidents, Child Support and Child Custody.

Gary Pot: A professional lawyer who is skilled in Military Law, Divorce and Separation and many more. Gary has been a license lawyer for more than 30 years.

These are some of the top lawyers for divorce and separation in and around Queens, New York. Their contribution and work has made them recognized together with years and years of practice. 

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