Presidential Polls: Romney Leads in Gallup Poll, Obama Leads in Swing States – Race Still Too Close to Call ?

By Staff Reporter | Oct 24, 2012 03:39 PM EDT

Even after the final presidential debate polls continue to show a very close run between President Barrack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney. With just weeks away from the elections, the race is still too close to call.

The Gallup Poll as of Wednesday shows that Romney still has a slight lead over Obama. According to the poll, Romney is currently at 51 percent, while Obama is at 46 percent.

The Rasmussen Reports also show Romney with a lead over Obama at 50 percent to 46 percent. The poll also reveals that two percent of registered voters prefer neither candidate, while the remaining two percent are yet undecided.

Other polls show that the two candidates have tied. Polls such as Washington Post/ABC Tracking show both Romney and Obama at 48, The American United for Change in Florida show the two candidates at 47 percent.

According to the Rasmussen electoral score board, which can be found here, Obama has a slight lead over Romney in terms of electoral vote, never the less the lead is minor.

A Huffington Post report shows that Obama is also leading in the key swing states. According to the report, the battleground states are: Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa and Wisconsin. According to the Real Clear Politics, Obama currently leads Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Romney has a lead in Florida and Colorado.

The Huffington Post poll tracking can be found here.

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